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p1440 Adult National League

Connecting local, recreational leagues to create one National League community

Participating Clubs

Vollis | Tennessee

The Sand Club | Arizona

Interested in having your league join? Contact info@p1440.com

How does it work?

Points from your local league will go towards your National League standing in your rated division. At the end of the season, check out Volleyball Life to see how you and your team stack up against others like you around the country.

Compete to play in the

National League Championship

National League Championship

October 13-15, 2023

Dolphin Beach Resort | St. Petersburg, FL

The top team in each National League's division will win a beach volleyball vacation package to compete in the National League Championship. The package will include free entry, room & board, and swag.


The weekend will be full of competition and other fun activities with your beach volleyball community. All teams are welcome to participate. More details to come.

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