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A letter to my younger self

A letter to my younger self

Ferris Bueller taught us all a valuable lesson. He was right, life does move pretty fast and if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. So that’s exactly what I decided to do. Take a look back to my younger self and see how it is that I got here and I am amazed at how things turned out. Not in a good way and certainly not in a bad way, but more of a, Wow, I did not see that coming kind of way. I mean, I live in Australia! Don’t get me wrong, I love it but wow, I did not see Australia in my future.

I didn’t see p1440 coming either but here I am, the Chief Operating Officer of an amazing company, a company that is making a positive change in the lives of girls and women across the world. A company that isn’t just talking about change but one that is actively taking steps to ensure a better future for all, regardless of race or gender or anything else for that matter.

I am proud of what I have become, of my accomplishments, of what this company is, and where it is going. I have learned a lot and if I could go back in time and hang out with my younger (College) self, here’s what I’d share with her.

And if you haven’t heard of Ferris Bueller then this post is probably targeted at you. If you have, maybe you could share it with your daughter(s).


Don’t be afraid of seniors  
They are just as scared of you.  Remember they don’t want to lose their position.  So play hard and take up space.


Look after your sleep
In college, most students don’t have class until 10 am and this allows them to stay up late.  Athletes cannot afford this!  Also, embrace naps.


Embrace weights
I was so scared of getting “big” that I did not want to lift weights.  I was such an idiot.  The right program will make you stronger and more powerful.  Make sure to honor this time in the gym and use it to your advantage.


Plan your school year
Make sure not to take hard classes in season (balance) and take a summer school class if possible so you can cruise during the year.  Sports take up so much time but it is also important to socialize outside of your team.


Live with non-teammates
When you live with teammates your world is your sport.  It is so important to have an outlet for friends and life outside of sport.  You need a break from the sport and your teammates so try and have roommates that help with this.


Call home
Set a time and call home each week.  It is important to keep connected with your parents and siblings.  


Have fun and connect
Meet as many people as you can and use this time to connect.  It is the fastest 4 years of your life and the last time you will be surrounded by your peers.  It is hard to connect when moving into the working world so build a large and strong network of friends that can help you get through life after college.

Marcia Caporn