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Gear bag and wardrobe tips

You’ve registered for one of our RADICAL p1440 tournaments and you’re getting ready to hit the beach… now what?

What to wear
Wear what will feel the most comfortable and cool playing in!  Indoor volleyball players coming over to the beach game often just wear their spandex and t-shirt or sports bra while playing. When playing/training for beach volleyball at an indoor facility, you may want to wear shorts and a sports bra or a tank. When you feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit (a bikini or 1-piece), you will find you will really like the freedom of less material and the sand is easier to brush off skin than layers of clothes. And you won’t acquire weird tan lines with a bathing suit ;).  At night or when it is colder, we suggest leggings and a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt.

For boys, try out board shorts and a tank or t-shirt.  Some male players wear compression leggings underneath their shorts when it is colder.

The key is to just be comfortable and wear whatever you’ll play best in!  Try out a variety of wardrobe options at practices prior to your first match so that you show up to competition knowing what works best for you. Finally, if you are playing on the beach during the heat of the day when the sand is hot, or somewhere the sand is cold, invest in some sand socks to protect your feet.

What to pack in your volleyball bag
WATER AND ELECTROLYTES. Lots of it. You have to hydrate prior to and during your practice and games to avoid dehydration, cramping, or heat exhaustion. Having salty foods on hand will help with replenishing lost sodium as well. Salt plays a vital role in our body for many reasons, and it regulates fluid levels in your body.  Low sodium levels can cause dehydration, muscle cramps or even organ failure.

HEALTHY SNACKS for in between games. Being in the heat might lower your appetite, but remember to eat! You’ll need energy at crucial moments and you don’t want to deprive your body of vital nutrition.

Bring a TOWEL or two to wipe the sweat and sand off your body or face.  Bring extra LAYERS like a light sweatshirt in case the weather or venue temperature shifts. Throw in an extra shirt so you have something clean and dry to put on afterward.

SUNSCREEN and SUNGLASSES. This should be self explanatory, you are not stronger than the sun. Protect yourself and remember to reapply sunscreen often.  If you are playing where there isn’t any shade, an umbrella might be a great idea.

Bring a BALL with your name on it.  The tournament host will likely provide the balls, but just in case, bring your own.