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Name: Arthur “Artie” Carvalho

Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, lived there for 25 years and then moved to the US.

Snapshot: I never imagined living anywhere else but Rio. You will be on the beach courts, start playing and then more people will come on the courts to play…and want to be your friend. It's just a different life!  There’s a lot of emotion with playing the sport and to be a good player. You can see people are happy with their lifestyle. After practice, everyone stays the whole day and they just stay on the beach to keep playing/spending time with one another.

College name: PUC in Rio.  I competed in indoor volleyball since I was provided a scholarship, but I didn’t like it very much.  Beach VB I loved so much more.

Other sports: Competed as a beach volleyball player until age 24 and played competitive soccer until age 15.

Siblings: 1 brother and 3 sisters, they all still live in Rio.

How did you get into Coaching: Grew up in Rio, started playing beach at the age of 10. I made more friends and played at a bigger club. My coach was so influential with his values, experience, playing with my best friends, travel, parties, the carnival and he had a way of making people feel like a family. I had such a strong connection with volleyball and wanted to continue to give. I was with my coach/teammates daily. I was too short to continue to play but I still found a way to stay around volleyball. My coach was always so happy to be there for the big competitions.  He taught me how to lose, win, compete, structure and teach people how to perform. As a teenager I was so happy, the atmosphere in my club helped me to forget all problems and I wanted to create that for others. The higher the level of competition, the more I loved it!

Current AVP coaching: Allie Wheeler (USC alum) and Deahna Kraft (Pepperdine alum), coaching them currently. When I was coaching Allie Wheeler and Corinne Quiggle, they qualified for the first time in a FIVB 4 star, which was great for them at the time. I started coaching Allie/Deahna in May (Allie came off a major surgery). For three months, we were not making the results we wanted. Deahna talks everything out, but they are very different partners. They won the AVP series recently in Virginia…they went from qualified players to the main draw (in 3 months). When they first started, they trained together and fostered the partnership that has grown to complement weaknesses now. They face problems and don’t avoid them. They learned they can be mad, but can’t give up.

Hobbies: People will be shocked, but I love to grab a ball and go play with my friends. As a coach I’m focusing on the player, but when I’m just enjoying free time…I can just enjoy playing. I love to go swim in the ocean after playing.  I love hanging out with my friends, barbecuing … I do not like to be alone so spending time with my friends is very important.

Favorite Snack: Hardest question…but ice cream!

Favorite pro player: KERRI WALSH! I met her in December 2016 right after she competed in the Olympics in Rio. WOW, what Kerri means to me, I’m so very grateful. All the opportunities she has given me. I admire her so much. I admired her from afar, when I lived in Brazil as a hero. But when I got to the USA, I admired her more, for how she got to where she was with her success. When I first met her, I didn’t speak English, I barely spoke. Big players often think they can do everything and doubt coaches, but not Kerri. She always trusts you, motivates you and makes everyone feel like they are a part of the team. She makes everyone a part of her work. She never changed even after competing in the Olympics. She works hard for herself, never sacrificing herself and her well being.

Coaching Kerri: I asked my coach back in Rio if he knew anyone looking for a coach. Kerri’s coach, Marshall (Marcio) was the first to respond to my email. I went to practice and wow Kerri and April Ross were there!  I was so very nervous, but I said OK … HERE WE GO!

Inspiration: The club that I grew up in inspired me: to coach volleyball, focus on values and a great experience for people. Taking it to the professional level: Kerri and Marcos with p1440 have good energy, make people comfortable and make drills work well. I learned so much from them.

What do you enjoy most about p1440: I’ve been with p1440 from the very beginning, the very, very beginning. We make experiences, train and create together. Players love being there, and we as coaches love being together. It reminds me how I grew up in Rio…everyone wanted to play and be together!  At p1440, we want players/coaches to be connected to the sport, bringing quality for players, as well as travel, high-level training, food and opportunities for tournaments/colleges.  When they first started p1440, it was focused on pro players. The program worked to develop players, to get them to the main draw and to achieve good results.

Advice to players who want to take their game to the next level: Remember why you are playing and that you and your partner/coach are a team. You have the power to make your partner better, coach better, assistant coach better… You have the power. It is easy to treat people well at first or for one week. But remember that you still have to be respectful with your team a year later. Face problems and remember you have to focus to make the team better every single day.

Advice to coaches: I used to work with beginners and professionals at the same time. I love to coach, I understand people are different. I learn so much from beginners and not just talented professionals. You learn to be flexible, explain better, and work with others. Take time to play for fun, play with someone much better than you. I do best working one on one, group practice and teach others to respect people who are different. Don’t treat people as if you know everything. I understand people are different. If I have a drill and some drills aren’t working…change it.  Don’t force the drill…take a step back and take the time to explain it to everyone in the group. You have to adapt better, when you’re learning from others and learn that people are different, different bodies perform differently. It helps me so much to work with others from different levels, ages and more. You can’t be frustrated when they don’t get it. Respect differences and remember that your job is to make them better, that they will grow and this will make you have so much passion…whoever you are coaching.

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