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Don't call it a comeback

Don't call it a comeback

p1440 was co-founded in 2018 by three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings and her husband, pro beach player and seven-time AVP Open Champion, Casey Jennings and had you asked them then, what is p1440 the answer would have been, ‘it’s part Wanderlust, part Coachella and part beach volleyball league with stops in Chicago, Huntington Beach, San Diego, San Jose and Vegas!

The 1440 in the name represented the 1,440 minutes in every day and how you choose to use them and the ‘p’ were the pillars on which the company stood; passion, people, performance, positivity, purpose and if I’m being perfectly honest, professional volleyball.

That was then and this is now.

'It’s part Wanderlust, part Coachella and part beach volleyball league with stops in Chicago, Huntington Beach, San Diego, San Jose, and Vegas!’

That was then, this is now.
Although passion, people, performance, positivity and purpose are still the foundations upon which we stand, we’re not really about professional volleyball anymore. Sure, Kerri and Casey are still the co-founders of p1440 and yes, we still have Expert Talks with professional players like Morgan Hentz and Stein Metzger but we’re so much more than that now.

We’ve created a digital platform with premium content to develop your game on the court with, yes, professional volleyball players like Brooke Sweat and Matt Anderson but off the court as well with body image advocate, TedTalk speaker and Social Media Influencer Victoria Garrick. Victoria shares how she battled and overcame depression and performance anxiety as a student-athlete.We’ve also created premium content from nutritionist Kathleen West, who discusses her struggles with weight as a college and professional athlete and Kalynn Evans, whose injury riddled career led to her co-founding Yoga Athletex.

Morgan Hentz

Trinity Miller

Abbie Hughes

Katie Smith

Plus we've added Athlete Mentors like Trinity Miller (Morehead State University), Abbey Hughes (Florida International University), Katie Smith (University of South Carolina) and others to help young athletes understand what it takes to become a student athlete at the collegiate level.

We’ve expanded our tournaments from a handful of professional events in places like San Diego and San Jose to over 100+ beach volleyball experiences from elite to club and collegiate to training sessions in places like Gulf Shores, Alabama, Gilbert, Arizona and Cincinnati, Ohio with a goal of having representation in every state in the US.

We’ve added over 60 affiliates like Dakine Volleyball in Washington State, A5 Volleyball Club in Georgia and MadSand Volleyball in Texas to help Expand the Game.We’ve added once-in-a-lifetime live experiences called RADAcademy. Although still a BETA project, our first RADAcademy experience was the opportunity to be coached by Casey Jennings and to train with Kerri Walsh Jennings and Brooke Sweat; all from within the safety of their Olympic Training bubble in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

But most importantly, we’ve had a fundamental shift to who we are at our core. Without a doubt and make no mistake about it, we are a beach volleyball company with the knowledge, the know-how, the people and the tools to develop the best possible volleyball players in the game. Our people and our programs produce great athletes.

However today, p1440 is just as interested in developing athletes as we are in developing great human beings like Addie Bounds.

Beating Cancer is in our Blood.

p1440 is proud to have joined forces with Addie + Cali, better known as TEAM AC/DC - Addie and Cali defeat Cancer in their goal to raise $85, 000 in the fight to cure blood cancers.

Addie and Cali
Go Team ACDC

Kerri, Casey and p1440 are synonymous with beach volleyball but we’re so much more than just lines in the sand. We’ve developed the best volleyball resources from some of the best players in the game to develop great volleyball players and athletes but, we’ve also developed tools and resources to develop the body, mind and soul to develop great human beings.

So don’t call it a comeback and welcome to the new p1440.

Nicolson Nic. Aitken


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