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Hey, what's the deal with all those blobs?

Not too long ago I was asked, 'Hey, what's the deal with all those blobs?' Shortly after that @marciacaporn asked, 'Can you add some of those pretty bubbles to my slide deck?'

First of all, thanks? Yes they are pretty, at least they are in my opinion and apparently in @marciacaporns' opinion as well but they're not bubbles and they're definitely NOT BLOBS!

My apologies, creatives are sometimes known to be moody and I'm as... creative moody as it gets.

So, here's the deal.... those pretty bubbles or blobs, are what I refer to as ELEMENTS. Elements are the fundamental material of which all matter is composed. Okay I know it got a little geeky but hang 🤙 in there with me for a bit.

So, elements are the stuff that make up life and our lives, revolve around the beach and volleyball and getting outside to take-in the fresh air, getting our feet in the sand and in the water. It's not just a game, it's life. A life made up of.... yea, ELEMENTS.

I know, mind blown 🤯, right?

Wait, there's more.
After putting together the idea of the ELEMENTS that make up our lives, we developed a color palette to match because, 'we dream in colors borrowed from the sea.'

And the BLOBS?
Okay again THEY'RE NOT BLOBS but they are oddly shaped, they're imperfect and that's intentional. Why?

Well, first of all life isn't always perfect. C'mon, did you meet 2020? It was the worst, imperfect to say the least! But imperfect can also be beautiful. The curves and shape of the beach where it meets the ocean or the randomness of clouds in the sky.

Put it altogether, the air, the sand and the water, our love of the game and the lifestyle, and then mix it with the colors borrowed from the sea and you end up with those pretty, imperfect, blobs. Or as I like to call them our ELEMENTS.

And from there, a brand was born.

Each color, each shape was carefully selected and means something to us and they have names.

There's BEACH because there's only one way to prepare for playing beach volleyball, and that's by getting in the sand. GOLD represents the three Olympic golds won by co-founder Kerri Walsh Jennings. OCEAN because it's everything we want to be. Beautiful, mysterious, wild and free. PASSION is the fuel, the 🔥 and the ❤️ that ignites the champion within. And then there's SKY. Set your goals, be your best and reach for the sky.

So, what's the deal with all those blobs?
Well, actually it's quite a big deal and thanks for asking!

I used one of the banners for Joanna Lohman because one, she's BAD ASS, two, that's probably the face I make when you call my ELEMENTS blobs and three, she's the RAINBOW WARRIOR, she gets the use of color in a brand.