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Jaci Carpenter


Class of 2021

Position: Blocker

Commitment: Florida Gulf Coast University

Club: Ohio Valley Beach

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

So I played just for fun then ended up really liking it and decided I wanted to do it collegiately!

What inspired you to start playing beach volleyball?

I started playing volleyball for a rec league in Dublin in like 2nd grade but I always played a bunch of different sports. I played soccer till I was in 8th grade like really competitively then I had to choose between soccer and volleyball. I chose volleyball. Then Randy made me do beach, but he really encourages all his club players to do it in the summer. So I played just for fun then ended up really liking it and decided I wanted to do it collegiately!

If you could play a different sport what would it be?

I would probably do soccer or swimming. I loved soccer. I think one thing I miss about it the most is the physical aspect where I can shove people around. (Lots of giggles happened here) But am I wrong?! In volleyball there isn’t really anything physical like that! Okay, or I would do swimming because my brother swims and I think it is really impressive and swimmers just seem like natural really athletic people.

If you were to give your younger self a piece of advice when you started playing, what would it be?

Don’t compare yourself to others. Especially when I was younger I would compare myself to other girls, like “oh she is such a better hitter than me”, but it would just make me worse, and not help me at all. Now I focus on bettering myself and knowing that I cannot change how other people are.

What is your spirit animal?

This is so weird because I feel like I am an alpaca because sometimes I feel like I am really odd and like to do stuff on my own! Ah, this is going to sound like I don’t like people, I love being around people but sometimes I like to do my own thing!

What is your favorite post tournament meal?

Ice cream for me too, normally leading up to tournaments and during, I eat really clean and healthy so at the end I just really want ice cream. Specifically chocolate chip, or peanut butter cup.

What do you guys like best about p1440 events?

I would also say match play. Mostly because you get a lot of reps. I don’t really find that in other tournaments that are one set to 21, then if you lose first set it’s disappointing knowing you spent so much money and time going somewhere for nothing. So I like all of the playing.

What’s your favorite tournament site to play at?

I would probably say here in Tavares. Or Hermosa Beach.

What is something that you are proud of yourself for?

I am proud of how much my peel defense has improved. So pat myself on the back a little, it used to be like really bad so I think that has improved the most!