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Sport is what you do, not who you are

Sport is what you do, not who you are

Dear Athletes,

I ended my last blog post, “sport is what you do, not who you are.”

It's such an important lesson I hope you learn, here's why. If you're like me, sports was my life!

Every white box was my sporting life, it was never going to end and I was going to live and die with my sport.When in reality, it's was actually this.

The good news is that my life did not end with competitive sport, actually my life only got better. Okay not at first.

In my 20s, I was lost because my identity was wrapped into my sport. I didn't know what to do, which way was up and I was extremely insecure.

Lucky for me, what I didn't realize is that my sport turned me into a machine. It had trained me to seek what I wanted and to stop at nothing to get it. It led me to law school, it led me to the top of my business school class, and it led me to saying YES even when I was scared of failure. My sport had given me the conviction to take up space and make the most of what I have.

Naval Ravikant, the founder of AngelList, said it best and I'm paraphrasing.


"Careers are like mountains and you are in control of how high and how fast you climb.  You, are also in charge of choosing a new mountain to climb.  However, you must realize the courage, the sacrifice, and the work it takes to climb new mountains."


Athletes are the best climbers. They know how to learn, take feedback, and make sacrifices. They just need to have the courage to go all in.

Being an athlete is a way of life. Sure the game will change, but not the mindset of the athlete.

EY has done a study that showed 95% of female executives played sports. I'm sure that this statistic is true across all executives but, what bothers me is that 70% of girls dropout of sports before they are 13. That they are not being taught the value sports will bring to their life.

So, we went to work.

We're collecting all the knowledge we can from current and former athletes, executives and leaders, curated resources, and developed a sweet, suite of products to help you live the life you deserve.


P.S. Never. Stop. Playing. I haven't.

Marcia Caporn