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The most dangerous and transformative coaching strategy

I have competed in a lot of sports at a high level.  Literally everything from National Champion Dancer to All American Golfer.  As a result of this, I have had a lot of coaches and their styles varied from sport and personality.  

But one special soul really took my outlook on coaching and performance to a new level.  His name is Rick Rhodes and he was the head teaching pro at San Francisco Country Club. Rick was an accomplished professional player but his gift to me was teaching me that there is not one way of doing anything, especially in golf.  

Our lessons were about 30 mins and I would usually hit about 10 to 15 balls.  He would show me about 3 to 5 different ways to get the outcome I wanted.  We would discuss the risks and benefits of doing it one way or another and then he would tell me to go off and experiment.  Figure out what was best for me.

What a dangerous coaching strategy.  You have to trust the student and the process.  There were most definitely short term setbacks but in the end I attribute this mad scientist approach to my placing 8th in the country at Nationals and becoming an All-American. I played the round problem-solving my way out of everything, a skill I needed as a “soccer player.” (I was on a full soccer scholarship and a walk-on on the golf team).

So that is why we call our program The Summer Performance Lab.  You will learn a lot of cool ways to get where you want and then we will empower you to build your own personalized solution for greatness. Just as what happens in a regular laboratory, much of what we will be doing in these workshops is testing, tweaking, and learning. We will ask you hard questions to spark your creativity and get you thinking.  

This is not a one-size fits all series. It’s more of a personal journey to explore tools and strategies for success. Ultimately, you are the one who will choose what works best. That’s what true learners do. They can have a teacher, a coach, a parent, or a guide, but in the end, only you and your courage will take you there.  

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Our Summer Performance Lab is a series of workshops for people who care about building habits, setting goals, and practicing the right mindset for better performance and long term success.

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