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The secret of self-confidence.

What I’ve learned through my performance psychologist is that self-confidence comes only from one place and one place only. It’s not my mother thinking I’m the best, my coach believing in me or my teammates necessarily believing in me. Self-confidence comes from the way I talk to myself.

The number one thing you can do to develop mental toughness is to work on your positive self-talk. It’s a challenge and you can’t just do it on game days. My recommendation to you is when you’re in practice, and you’re almost encouraged to fail, because practice is when you expand the boundaries of your potential and you’re always trying new things and you’re more free because the game isn’t in the line. In those moments when there’s less pressure, and you mess up, use it as a rep to work on your positive self-talk. The more positive, or even at the least, the more neutral your self talk can be, the more mentally tough you’ll be because you can never be defeated. You will always be in the moment you will always be on your own team. So to develop mental toughness, work on your self-talk.