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The Secret to winning...

The Secret to winning...

I have been described as not the most talented athlete but the athlete that wanted it the most. I think that’s an accurate way to describe me, not just in sports, but also in other areas of my life such as school.

While I was top of my business school class, I didn't see myself as the smartest but the one who wanted it the most. We had to prepare 2 or sometimes 3 case studies per day, and I treated every one of our 100 cases like it was the final exam. It all summed up to hard work, and not necessarily skill or talent. (Although it’s no coincidence that skill and talent usually come after hard work).

So, how do you win in big games and in big moments?

You need to want to win in the moments that don’t count as much as you do when they do count. Every game, every drill and every sprint needs to be your best.  You need to be surrounded by smarter, faster and more talented people. And you need to be chasing them as fast and hard as you can. You need to lean into playing people that beat you not farther away.  

You are not going to magically wake up on the biggest day of your life and take your game to the next level. You need to live where you want to play when it counts.  

This is hard, as your natural state of being is in survival mode not performance mode.  But there are a lot of really great techniques that we will explore and that will help you perform everyday like the champion you are.  

How you show up for the competition today, tomorrow, and everyday matters.

How you show up for your final match to practice matters.How you show up for the big things small, repetitive, and fundamental things matter.

How are you going to show up today?

Marcia Caporn