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The p1440 Expert Talk series features a 45-minute interactive Zoom call once/month with leaders in the fields of Mindset, Nutrition, Fitness, Volleyball and more.  The talks include a presentation and Q&A’s with each expert.

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Stronger Body and Mind • May 6, 2021

Since 2016 Andrea has put her mind and soul into being the best beach volleyball player she can be; interlacing her personal goals of being a wife, an athlete and an entrepreneur.

Wayne Holly

Recruiting Expert • May 20, 2021

Wayne Holly founded Beach Prospects with a vision to demystify college beach recruiting and to provide expert, personal service to families through reliable information.

Wayne Holly

Adaptive Sports • June 3, 2021

A Paralympic Athlete, Bronze medalist, a wife, a mother of 3 daughters, and an inspirational speaker sharing her unique story to people all over the world


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Just Women's Sports Founder


Founder Acrew Capital

Dr. Ogonna Nnamani Silva

Doctor of Medicine

$2/month billed annually

Victoria Garrick
Mental health and body-image

Expert Talks   Victoria Garrick @2x



Joanna Lohman
Raising Tomorrow's Champions

Joanna Lohman @2x
Tommy Knox @2x

Tommy Knox
The Perfect Program

Tommy Knox @2x

Kathleen West
Nutrition Matters