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Our events offer quality beach and indoor volleyball experiences for all players with tournaments offering elite and club divisions, collegiate challenges, elite training and more.

Offering the best in beach and indoor volleyball.

Tournaments, qualifying bid tournaments and points tournaments

p1440 tournaments offer elite and club divisions, collegiate challenges, elite training and more.  The elite events run over 3 days with one day of competitive training, followed by a day of pool play (in a match play format) and a third day of double elimination match play brackets.  Club division athletes can also take part in the training day and on day two will have a pool play tournament followed by a single elimination bracket. All club level activities will finish on day two. Only the Elite divisions will play on day three.  

The p1440 team is focused on each athlete’s progression and individual path. Court coaches for the training portion of events are made up of high level coaches and directors from all over the country who value getting to know you and want to speak to your game!  We truly believe that this training and high level competition mix develops players ready for the next level.

Qualifying bid events for the annual p1440 Junior National Championship are hosted by p1440 affiliates nationwide.  p1440 affiliates also host points events which give you a chance to increase your points for seeding purposes at our qualifying events and the Junior National Championship.

All p1440 tournaments serve as a VIRTUAL SHOWCASES!

Each court will be set up with HUDL recording during training and tournament play for college coaches to view, and you will be able to edit personal videos from the footage after the fact.  

p1440 Junior National Championship

Our annual p1440 Junior National Championship takes place in June or July in Southern California for girls in the 12U/14U/16U/18U age divisions.

Players must earn a bid at one of the many p1440 Qualifying Tournaments across the country in order to participate.  Each qualifying event receives 4 automatic bids into the Championship for the 1st, 2nd, and two 3rd place finishes.  These 4 bids are awarded if a minimum of 5 teams are registered per age group. If less than 5 teams are registered per age group then only 2 bids will be awarded.

Day 1 and 2 will be pool play, and then single elimination bracket play on day 3 for all teams.  Day 1 will consist of all teams being seeded by p1440 points and placed into pools according to seeds.

In order to compete in the p1440 Junior National Championship, a player must be a p1440 Player Card holder and have earned a BID at a qualifying event.  


p1440 showcases offer 8th graders and high school freshmen-seniors the opportunity to be seen either in person or virtually by college coaches. Training sessions are led by top coaches and involve drill work and competitive touches to showcase each athlete’s talent.


p1440 camps and clinics allow players to hone their volleyball skills, improve strength and agility, and dial in a performance mindset from our coveted world-class p1440 coaches. Sessions have a low coach to player ratio and focus on passing, setting, defense/blocking, shot selection and overall game strategy.


A p1440 Player Card gives players eligibility to participate in p1440 events across the country.  Another benefit is access to a p1440 player profile for college coaches to view your achievements and points tracking and results.  Members also receive discounts on p1440 gear and partner products.  Purchase an annual p1440 Player Card here and start earning p1440 points and benefits now!


p1440 points will be used in all p1440 tournament seeding processes.  View our points system details here. Games will be played to points based on the number of teams in each pool, and point totals will depend on the number of teams in each pool and will be based on the Tournament Director’s discretion.

In order for a player to earn p1440 points, which helps in the seeding process, there needs to be at least 4 teams competing in that age division.  The more teams in an age group, the more points a player can earn.  The older/higher age division a player competes in, the more points they are eligible to earn.  


College recruiting is difficult in the time of Covid. With today's reduced visibility and competition opportunity, p1440 knows you need every advantage to help you stand out and be recruited by colleges.  There are over 6000 player profiles so create or update your profile ASAP to make sure you stand out!

We have interviewed many college coaches and the 3 most important things they are looking for are: results, contact info and videos. Our platform already provides the first 2. We want to strongly encourage that you upload any videos you have to your profile today. The profile features are constantly evolving and improving, but a few key ones you can fill out are your academic information, a parent contact, a profile picture, videos and more.