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Expand the Game.

A program developed to find greatness within allowing your athlete to thrive both on and off the court —  Mind. Body. Spirit.

All access membership: $94 USD.

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  • Kerri's Personal Coaching
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Designed, developed and created for Athletes.

This program will take your athlete on the journey of self-love, self-discovery and personal development that will better allow them to handle the challenges and pressures of life as a busy teen, a young athlete and a young person in this ever-changing world.

“We at p1440 believe in training the individual to lead themselves first.”


Kerri Walsh Jennings,
p1440 Co-Founder and three-time Olympic Gold Medalist


Kerri's Personal Coaching

Join three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings while she personally shares with you what the habits, tools, exercises, and best practices are that have allowed her to live a meaningful life. Have access to forums, texts, and personal videos to inspire your young athletes.

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Get front-row access to world-class experts

Monthly Experts and Live Events

Get front-row access to world-class experts that will share with you tips and tricks for improving your nutrition, mindset, technical skills, and individual performance.Includes 1 expert talk per month, access to past talks and other bonus videos.

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I am on an absolute mission to live my best life, to become the greatest I have ever been, and the greatest our sport has ever known by winning my 4th Olympic Gold Medal. I’m so stoked to share it ALL with you. My process, my growth, my wins, losses and my way with you.

Receive updates directly from Kerri on The Road to Tokyo and the journey of a lifetime.

Get front-row access to world-class experts

Parent and Family Bonding

We created a Toolkit to help you navigate some of the most important stages in your kid's lives. This program will provide you with tools to guide your young athletes with love and understanding.

Speed and Agility Training

Tommy Knox

It's no coincidence that Tommy has been in business for 20 years developing athletes in all sports. This unique technology and training experience will give you THE EDGE you need to be the best you can be.

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Expand the game was specially created with you, the athlete in mind and includes all the tools needed to Expand your game; Kerri's Personal Coaching, Monthly Experts and Live Events, Parent and Family Bonding, 3 weeks of Speed and Agility with Tommy Know and more, including . . .

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