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Expand the Game.

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Your club director has already purchased Expand the Game for you, all you have to do is claim it.


Your club director has pre-purchased you the Expand the Game program and is now an official partner of p1440.

What does that mean?
It means that you, your entire club and coaches now have access to some really exceptional digital, virtual and live programming.

A partnership with p1440

Expand the Game was designed for YOU, the athlete.

This program will take, you the athlete, on a journey of elevating your game and personal development that will better allow you to handle the challenges of being a young athlete and a young person in this ever-changing world.

Included with Expand the Game is:

  • 4 Weeks of Virtual Personal Coaching with Kerri Walsh Jennings.
  • 2021 p1440 Player Card, access to all p1440 tournaments and events.
  • p1440 TEAM-Building Program.
  • Parenting Program.
  • College Athlete Mentoring Program.
  • Monthly Zoom access to our experts including recruiting specialists, player development coaches, mindset experts, a nutritionist, and more.
  • 3-week speed and agility plan from Tommy Knox. Kerri Walsh Jennings’ trainer of 20+ years.

What is Expand the Game?

What's included.

This past year has been challenging, we get that but, nothing is going to hold us down. In fact we challenge you to Finish #2020Strong.

This program offers you a virtual challenge to motivate not just yourself but, your entire family. Create a plan, set goals and accountability and most importantly stay safe and Finish #2020Strong.


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