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About the fab50

The inaugural 2022 fab50 program was an incredible success! It was a blue chip program that everyone involved will agree offered one of a kind (and for some, once in a lifetime!) beach volleyball experiences that very intentionally focused on training, competition, community, athlete bonding and, last but not least, mental and emotional athlete development.

The selection of the fab50 and its summit offerings will continue to be a core program for p1440 in 2023 with a few tweaks.

Onward + upward, together.

Kerri Walsh Jennings
p1440 Co-Founder and Three Time Olympic Gold Medalist

fab50 2022 recap

fab50 - 2023

What does being a fab50 athlete mean?
Being selected as a p1440 fab50 athlete signifies the fact that you’re a stud!  It means that you have separated yourself from the pack and are deserving of this exclusive recognition.

What is the goal of the program?
The goal of the fab50 program is to bring together the top athletes our sport has to offer in order to train, compete, elevate and grow. Iron sharpens iron, and this program is meant to do exactly that.  p1440 and our dedicated staff will not only work to enhance your individual volleyball skills and capabilities, but we’ll work to elevate the entire sport of beach volleyball via this program and our Fab 50 ambassadors; our focus will be to prepare you for battle on and off the court and to also help build their personal name brand awareness through our platform as well. The world has shifted in this area, and we want to set our athletes up for success on and off the court.

The 2022 fab50 selection process was as follows:
In 2022, the fab50 athletes were nominated by the club directors that participated in p1440 programming in 2021. These athletes were then evaluated and chosen by the p1440 team based on 2021 performance finishes and conversations with the nominating directors. If you were not nominated by your Director in 2022, you were not considered for this group.

The 2023 fab50 selection process will be a TRYOUT format:

  • The Training Director and fab50 Selections Director at all the events will be none other than Master Coach Arthur Carvalho in collaboration with the lead college coach scheduled for that event.
  • Any athlete that wants to attend an Elite training tryout event is welcome to sign up.
  • Sign ups will be first come, first serve and capped at the facility’s max that will allow us to program 8 athletes and 1 coach per training court.
  • Structure, cost and length of the events will be decided by the location and facility.
  • Ages 14-18 girls are eligible for the fab50.
  • The top players will be offered a spot by the Monday following each of the 4 x fab50 tryouts (rolling admissions).
  • There is no maximum number of tryouts you can attend.  If you don’t receive an offer, you are able/welcome to sign up for the next tryout.
  • If you are not selected immediately after the tryout you attended, select athletes will remain on the contender list until the final fab50 class is selected. To be a contender means you’re still in the running.

fab50 athletes are notified of acceptance into the program after tryouts and will receive an invite to two Summits to train with the best.

The athletes pay for travel costs and p1440 pays for room & board, training, swag kit, transportation to/from the airport, training site and hotel.

Final fab 50 players will also get a player profile on the p1440 fab50 platform page, an apparel kit along with other sponsor items.



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