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Ellie Sampson

Cary, NC.

Club Team:
Sinjin Beach

College Commitment:
Stanford University

Presented by:

Grad Year:

A little bit about Ellie

I was born here in North Carolina in November 2004!

My mom played volleyball for one year in college and my parents met through their work. I'm an only child. I never liked sports until I started playing volleyball in fifth grade, but I quickly fell in love with the sport. However, I decided indoor volleyball wasn't for me during the covid pandemic because I had injured my back from playing on a hard court in the previous season and I liked the outdoor environment of beach volleyball more.

I played volleyball for Green Level High School in my freshman year, but didn't play my sophomore year to focus on beach volleyball. However, now that I am in my junior year I'm playing on the team again and we're hoping to be in the state championship soon!

I have enjoyed getting to travel all over the country to play in beach volleyball tournaments and hope to be able to do that again this year.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words:

Four fabulous questions…

Hey Ellie


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