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celebrating the fab50

The inaugural 2022 fab50 program offered one of a kind beach volleyball experiences that highlighted training, competition, community building, athlete bonding and, last but not least, mental and emotional athlete development. The selection of the fab50 and its summit offerings will continue to be a core program for p1440 in 2023.

The goal of the fab50 program is to bring together the top athletes our sport has to offer in order to train, compete, elevate and grow. Iron sharpens iron, and this program is meant to do exactly that.  p1440 and our dedicated staff worked not only to enhance your individual volleyball skills and capabilities, but to elevate the entire sport of beach volleyball via this program and our Fab 50 ambassadors. Our focus is to prepare you for battle on and off the court and to also help build your personal name brand awareness through our platform.

About the fab50 program

In 2022, the fab50 athletes were nominated by the club directors that participated in p1440 programming in 2021. These athletes were then evaluated and chosen by the p1440 team based on 2021 performance finishes and conversations with the nominating directors. The depth of talent within the beach volleyball world is the best it's ever been.

I've never seen a program that values the person and the player more than the Fab 50 program does...

— Desiree Phelps

(Director, Kahiau Beach/WA)

fab50 News

Meet some of our great coaches

McKayla Ferris, Chan Esperas, Kike Perez, Chris Hamilton, Matt Heath, TJ Staples, Camisha Hughbanks, Sarah Blomgren, Brett O'Keeffe, Yolanda Cargile, Peter Connole, Lance Pulliam, Latacha De Oliveira, Melanie Mitchell, John Hyden, Desiree Phelps, Jake Sena, Ella Yazdanpour, Vince Miranda, Conrad Jones, Cynthia Armendariz, and Ben Campbell... Thank you for being part of our team!


want to be part of the fab50?

The selection of the fab50 and its summit offerings will continue to be a core program for p1440 in 2023 with a few tweaks...

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