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Why become an affiliate?

Why become an Affiliate?

Affiliates can run the following events with p1440 sanctioning and approval:

  • A tournament event that gives bids away for the p1440 Junior National Championship.
  • A p1440 State Championship event in your state. State Championship events are supported by medals and a stipend cash amount for prize offerings.
  • A p1440 Triple Crown Series of three events. Clubs or promoters with a broad enough influence in a state or region can request a p1440 sanctioned triple crown series. p1440 supports these events with medals, apparel and a cash stipend for prizes.
  • p1440 points are awarded according to the number of teams in an event … the more teams in a tournament, the more bids will be allotted. Tournaments are posted on the p1440 registration platform (play.p1440.com).
  • Points awarded in affiliate events will affect a player's seeding in the p1440 Futures Tour, p1440 National Championship event or any other event sanctioned by p1440. Points earned on the p1440 Futures tour 5 event series will put an athlete in contention for the $52,000 in prize prize money to be distributed at the completion of the 2023 Futures Tour series to the top 30 leading point getters.

View all p1440 affiliate events HERE.


Benefits of becoming an Affiliate:

  • Easily find tournament management resources on the p1440 affiliate portal (p1440 branding package, registration platform info, injury forms and more).
  • Use of the p1440 tournament platform powered by Volleyballlife.com which helps you easily set up registration pages and run your events digitally as well as host each athlete's player profile for college recruiting purposes.
  • Keep all event registration fees! p1440 only requires that all participants are p1440 members prior to registration for any p1440 events.
  • Connect with a national community of like-minded beach volleyball clubs and facilities.


The path to the p1440 Futures Tour and p1440 National Championship runs through the p1440 AFFILIATE events.

✉️ Contact Andrika Langham at andrika@p1440.com to becomean affiliate today!


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