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Why become an affiliate?

2021 Junior National Championships

Tavares, Florida

Why become an Affiliate?

As a p1440 affiliate you will have the opportunity to:

  • Run single points and double points events that feed into the p1440 Future Stars series for Pros and Juniors.
  • Run bid qualifier events in conjunction with double points events to award bids to the Junior National Championship.Receive p1440 medals for all juniors affiliate events and t-shirts will be provided for double points events.
  • Easily find tournament management resources on the p1440 affiliate portal (p1440 branding package, medal ordering instructions, injury forms and more).
  • Gain access to the p1440 tournament platform (play.p1440.com) powered by Volleyballlife.com which helps you easily register and run your events digitally as well as host each athlete's player profile for college recruiting purposes.  p1440 points system for Pros and Juniors posted on the platform.
  • Gain access to our digital content library that offers athletes and coaches the opportunity to further educate themselves on key topics on and off the court.
  • Connect with a national community of like-minded beach volleyball clubs and facilities

The path to the p1440 Futures Tour runs through the p1440 AFFILIATE single and double points events.


Affiliate event options

Single points events: Affiliates can run up to 2 juniors and 2 adult single points events per season.   Patches will be provided as prizes for 1st, 2nd and 2 x 3rd place for juniors events only.  No adult prizes provided.  

Double point national bid events: Affiliates must receive approval to run a double points bid qualifier event for juniors and adults.  p1440 medals and t-shirts will be provided as prizes for juniors only.  No adult prizes provided.

Affiliates must sign the annual affiliate agreement.  Upon signing the agreement, affiliates will receive access to the p1440 affiliate portal where you can view instructions on how to set up your events on the p1440 registration portal powered by Volleyballlife.com.  Contact info@p1440.com to get started!


It's official, the 2022 p1440 Junior National Championship will be held between July 1st - July 3rd at Hickory Point Beach in Tavares, Florida. Submit your email address for all the news and updates around this and other events.


All registration pages for p1440 affiliate events will be hosted on the p1440 registration portal powered by Volleyballlife.com.  Additionally, the p1440 Futures Tour and affiliate event points totals and rankings will be hosted on the portal.  

p1440 Junior National Championship 2022

The 2022 Championship event will take place at Hickory Point Beach in Tavares, FL July 1-3, 2022.

Bids for the JNC will be awarded for the top 9 places at the p1440 Futures Tour events as well as to the top 4 places at the double point affiliate bid events. We will award two p1440 double point bid events in each state. We want our National Championships to be a true National Championship for the teams that have earned a coveted bid.

Because p1440 points are so important to earn a spot in the p1440 Futures Tour events and bids are at a premium to get into our National Championship event, the affiliate events will have elevated importance and participation numbers should be high.


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