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Bringing together the future of beach volleyball

  • Am I really RAD?
  • What to expect
  • Commonly Asked Questions

a leadership retreat for the beach COMMUNITY

The p1440 RADHouse is a leadership retreat that was designed and developed by the beach community, for the community.

This annual event held between June 21 - 25 in Gulf Shores, Alabama will focus on developing the athlete as a whole with several pop up academies throughout the year with a focus on performance issues, talking through self-confidence with peers, to expert lead training in nutrition, strength training, and on the court skill development.



Are you a leader on and off the court? Do you have BIG GOALS and even BIGGER DREAMS? Would you rather sit on the sidelines or are you ready to make a difference?

— Am I really RAD?

Did you know that 94% of C-suite executives played competitive SPORTS.

We're developing the next generation of leaders through athleticism — doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists because being an athlete is a way of life.  

The game might change, but the mindset of an athlete never does.

— What to expect

  • Morning Meditation + Reflection
  • Breakfast of Champions + Morning Round Table
  • Training
  • Lunch
  • Training + Strength Training
  • Night Expert talk/lesson plan
  • Recap + Lights Out




Just Women's Sports Founder

Founder Acrew Capital

Dr. Ogonna Nnamani Silva

Doctor of Medicine

Rinse + Repeat

Thank you so much for the training this week! I’m so grateful that I was able to do this, and get to meet all of y’all.  You all are amazing coaches and I’m so excited to get to apply all that you taught me into my game. I’m so very thankful for you making all this happen. Hopefully I will be able to see you soon! Y’all are rad!



Committed: University of North Florida


What does RAD stand for?RAD stands for RADICAL Athlete Development.  I know DOPE, right? All of our RAD events (Academies and House Retreat) will be aiming to create collective + collaborative experiences within the community that will help expedite growth in the athlete as a human.

Are parents in the house?OH HELLS NO. So sorry, that was trying to be cool.
The RADHouse is just for the athlete but will have a house mom on-site and all male coaches will stay at a nearby house.

What if my child doesn’t get selected?
C'mon, that's not a great attitude to have. I mean, what if your child IS selected, how RAD would that be? Okay fine, if your child is not selected please don’t be discouraged. We're creating virtual events throughout the year and we will be hosting RADACADEMY experiences throughout the US next year.  

We truly believe in these initiatives and simply by registering you too are supporting young girls, young women, athletes and future leaders.

Only with your support will we be able to grow these opportunites more quickly.

Are you only selecting top elite players?No, playing level is just one of the many factors in choosing athletes for the RADHOUSE. Remember our focus is developing strong women as well as strong athletes. We want athletes that:

  • Serve the community.
  • Are dedicated to living their best life.
  • Want to develop as a leader.
  • Show a passion for improvement

How much will it cost?Due to NCAA rules and regulations we cannot offer this for free but we are in negotiations with brand sponsors to ensure we can keep the cost to a minimum. The cost will include:

  • Food and accommodation.
  • All expert talks.
  • All training.

* Travel to and from the house will not be included.

You will not be turned away anyone for financial reasons. If you are accepted and money is an issue, please do not hesitate to to let us know.

What about COVID protocals?Prior to the event, all staff and participants will sign our COVID-19 protocols and health pledge.

Before completing the application please note that in order to be selected your child must have a valid p1440 player pass, and must be an active participant within the p1440 online community.


Just note, only 24 applications will be accepted so let's do this!