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we want to bring the glory days, and the boys back to the beach.

Title IX has done a lot of wonderful things for women's sports but smaller men's sports have lost funding and support from colleges, NCAA, and mainstream outlets. At p1440 we are here for the entire community.

So let's get to work. We'll start small and grow the game back to what it was in the glory days of the 80's but, we need your support.


For additional information you can totally visit our p1440 Boys National Championship page.

Thank you to our affiliate network for their support and for hosting events in an effort to grow the boys beach volleyball game!

Thank you


We've partnered with 15 clubs around the county that have committed to hosting events this year and we will be hosting a national point system, free of cost and a National Championship Tournament that will bring together the entire Men's side (boys, college, and semi-pro) for the ultimate showdown.

  • Buy SWAG
    We're producing a p1440 boys line with 100% OF THE PROFITS going to growing the game through low costs or even FREE clinics for boys. The proceeds will be used to cover the AVP Star or coaches cost to run the event.
  • Sponsor a player, or two
    Membership in the boys game is down, WAY DOWN and one of the causes is simple, money. Your donation directly covers the costs of coaches and staff allowing more boys to play the game we all love so much.
  • Register for an event
    The p1440 boys player cards are FREE this year but we need you back on the beach! Register in one of our upcoming Qualifiers and join us at the National Championships in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
  • Share and tag #p1440BOYSBEACH
    Share this page with your own community and spread the word on social media with #p1440BOYSBEACH. The more you share, the more you care.


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