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build habits, set goals, and practice the right mindset for better performance and success.

Our Performance Lab is a series of mini workshops for people who care about building habits, setting goals, and practicing the right mindset for better performance and long term success ✨

Tune in every Thursday at 12pm PT on our Instagram account.

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Marcia shares how focusing on incremental goals help you get your desired outcomes.


Stefy shares Kerri Walsh Jenning’s framework for fighting the funk: Setting your intentions and transforming your negative self talk


Kerri + Marcia share how gratitude got them through the hard of their careers.


p1440 Athlete Mentor Alivia Orvieto shares how she transitioned to college as a 5’5 defender.


some past editions:

Meet your HOSTS

Reaching goals and checking boxes is not necessarily the same as being successful.

Marcia Caporn is a 2 sport All-American from Stanford who went on to compete professionally in both soccer and golf. Stefany Bolaños played for Guatemala's indoor and beach volleyball national teams and competed in Central American Games and Pre-World Qualifiers. Both have earned master's degrees and have had experience with successful startups and companies. They share their love of competing, learning, and winning.

In their journeys, Marcia and Stefy have met many young, promising athletes, high level executives, and driven entrepreneurs who have a hard time setting rituals for success, who are not sure of how to handle and recover from failure , and who are eager to improve their mindset and self-confidence. They've experienced it it their careers, too.

The purpose of p1440's Performance Lab is to share what they and other guest speakers have learned about what  it takes  to  build  systems  for  success (and to enjoy the journey of getting there!)

Marcia Caporn
COO, p1440

Stefany Bolaños
Product Dev, p1440

Our community is thriving with our Performance Labs, and you can, too.

I am grateful for the life skills that are taught in this course, there are a lot of aspects in my life that I know I need to work on and they are such a HUGE help in getting me where I want to be.

Tyler Lastovich
Newark, New Jersey

I learned the importance and power of small, consistent habits and how they can shape my life over time. I also learned that I don't have to be so overwhelmed with everything.

Marian Knopp
Scottsdale, Arizona

This week I learned the importance of reflecting and seeing what you have and haven't done. It helps with perspective and gives you a nice little kick in the right direction.

Anne-Laure Ariely
Ontario, California


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