High performing teams don't just happen, they have a common sense of purpose.

Community-driven, hands-on, learn-by-doing, intense training experiences.

This 4 week program will help your team get there.


What you'll learn


  • Week 1 — How do we make a strong team?  
    You and your team will embark on a journey of self discovery and work on defining who you are and what you stand for as individuals and as a team.  This week, you will pick a name (and an emoji!) that is your identity and story, define traits as individuals and as a team and then establish a mission statement.
  • Week 2 — How do we want to show up as a team?
    The goal as a team is to always step up to every challenge…to get excited about the hard parts and rise to the occasion because that's what great teams do!  After watching an impactful video and completing a questionnaire, this week's work will culminate in a team pledge.  
  • Week 3 — How do we create a vision?  
    In this lesson, you will bring your ideas and pledge to life with a vision board — an amazing visualization tool which represents your ideals, your goals + your dreams. This vision board will take time. You can read what is it about now, and start collecting ideas with more time.
  • Week 4 — How to follow our North Star?  
    This week, you will reflect on the lessons you've learned and work you've done so far and use them to create an inspirational team pump-up video!  This pump-up video will take time, too. Start collecting inspiration early on!



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