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💥 GET TO KNOW Jasmine Haas

College: UAB #4

Year/Position: Freshman Defender

Major: Biology

Why did you choose to attend UAB? They had my major (biology) and postgraduate studies (veterinary studies). I loved the coach, her vision, where she wants to take the program and the facilities. I could just see myself here at UAB.

What was your biggest OMG “they were right about ___” moment:  TWENTY HOUR WEEKS! They said it was going to be hard, lifting…college will be hard! I did 3 sports in high school so I thought, “I will be prepared”  But then…20 hours hit, and I was like WOW: classes, lifting, practice, workouts and I’m exhausted!

What would say to the 2023/2024 commits: About taking a break before college starts? DON’T DO IT! Now is the time to prepare. To practice your hard work, strategies, playing with future teammates. Work hard now on conditioning, you do not want to play catch up in college. The struggle to condition, compete and working out is exhausting, and that is no way to kick off your freshman year with a new coach/new team.

What do you wish you had known before you got to school: I wish I had known what I can and can’t bring to wear. I have like 3-4 practice items due to our gear being on back order. So makes for extra laundry days during the week. So thankful for my coach who has been so generous to share her gear with me!!!  

How’s college life:  I absolutely LOVE college! I’ve met so many new friends! I met my best friend in the dorm. I’ve really figured out WHO I AM as a person. Don’t get me wrong: I miss my parents very much!!! But I am loving my college experience!

Favorite Game Day/School Tradition: Every game day we make a Gratitude Circle.  Everyone goes around and says something they are grateful for and it makes me feel happy. It truly puts me in a good mood to play! The team this year came up with that tradition.

How did your training/competition schedule prepare you for college:  The intensity is honestly about the same. Coach Rob (Long) did a great job preparing me for that! The length of time, endurance, pace is spot on to Rob’s coaching style.  Rob talked to me like I was an adult and not a kid. Now Coach Terri focuses on cleaning up my game and not so much the big picture things.

What does a typical day look like for you: 5:30 am Wake-up, 6:30-7:30 am, Lifting 8:00-11:00 am, Practice 12:30-4:45, Class *some days class until 7:30 pm ⭐️ Weekends when there is not a tournament we play pick-up for fun at nearby courts. Terri plays with us, she says it is a reminder “Why We Play!”⭐️

My coach was right about ______: Rob (Long) said I would make a difference on my team. I know I am already making an impact on my team!

What piece of advice would you give to Juniors considering playing in college: Reach out to those playing in college.  If it’s a college you are interested in, go stay a weekend with them. Keep your mind/game hungry, see the opportunity and feel the excitement for yourself!  Believe you deserve to play at the next level and don’t stop until you get there.

What do you enjoy most about playing at the collegiate level:  I love the adrenaline, pressure, one game to show what you can do. It’s a very different game vs. Juniors competition.

If you could go back for one last Juniors Finals:  Who is your partner? Skylar Martin ‘24 (LSU) Who is across the net? Jaci Carpenter (FGCU)/Ansley Patrick (Tulane)

Fun Fact: It’s where I met Mrs. Andrika, at one of my favorite tournaments @Vollis…trivia, scavenger hunt, I got my favorite poncho, “Nuggets vs Bigs”…Hmmm any guesses on who won that tournament?

What is on your vision board for Freshman year: Play in Top 3 seeds in season. Have a winning record.


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