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💥 GET TO KNOW Kaitlyn bradley

College: TCU #15

Year & Position: Freshman Defender

Major: Biochem

Why did you choose to attend TCU: It was close enough to home but still a good distance away to have a college experience.  I was very familiar with the campus because my sister played here.  I loved the coaches, the community and TCU staff.

What was your biggest OMG “They were right about ___” moment:  How much you practice!  In high school, I practiced 3 times a week for 1.5 hours.  Now we practice 5 times a week. A short quick practice in college is 1.5 hours but usually we practice 2.5 hours. And that's not counting workouts/lifting.
What would you say to the 2023/2024 commits about taking a break before college starts:  It’s fine to take small breaks.  Everyone needs a break.  In the fall as a junior, I took breaks. But in the spring/summer it helps you to prepare for college. Breaks are good here and there since you play so much on the weekends.
What do you wish you had known before you got to college:  Not to be so worked up. I was so worried that I might not be ready or prepared. But it was such a BOOST that EVERYONE started at square one! So be relaxed! They want to start everyone from square one… Lifting from square one, ball control from square one, etc.

How’s college life:  Really fun, enjoying it as a true student athlete. My roommate is one of my beach volleyball teammates and my suite mate is a swimmer. Making friends outside of beach volleyball is a great open escape. I’m finding time to relax with teammates/friends since escaping from schoolwork is important as well.  Football games are so much fun at TCU!

Favorite Game Day/School Tradition: When we score a touchdown it is a tradition to chant:“Riff ram bah zoolickety lickety zoo zoowho wah wah whogive ‘em hell TCU!”

How did your training/competition schedule prepare you for college: Playing in tournaments, especially p1440 Futures Tour events with people from all across the country really helped to elevate my volleyball IQ, with the amount of games, level of play and competition. I was ready for high level competition when I hit the sand at TCU.

What does a typical day look like for you: MWF 7:30-8:30, Lift 9-12, Class 12:30-2, Practice, Dinner, Homework; TTH 7:30-8:30, Lift 9:30-11, Class 2:30-5, Practice,Dinner, Homework; Wednesday No Practice;  Saturday Morning Practice 2 hours; Sunday OFF

My coach was right about: “Staying low” on your defense. We are continuing to work on that even more in college.  

What piece of advice would you give to Juniors considering playing in college:  I think you SHOULD PLAY! I considered if I was good enough to play in college.  Playing at the college level is such a boost to your confidence.  Athletics gives you extra benefits: better dining hall, instant friends, adapting to new heights and so much more!

What do you enjoy most about playing at the collegiate level: Striving to play my best, youngest here, freshman, rise to their levels, work hard, gain confidence.  I have found there is something from each one of my teammates that I want to adapt their skill into my game.  I’m learning so much by being here at TCU!

Fun Question: If you could go back for one last Juniors Finals…Who is your partner: Kennedy Coakley ‘24 (UCLA). Who is across the net: Kaileigh Truslow ‘23 (FSU) and Alexis Durish (FSU). Fun Fact: These FOUR have NEVER played each other in the finals as partners…so we will never know…

What is on your vision board for Freshman year: Travel, play at my highest level, learn different aspects of the game…GO FROGS!


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