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p1440 2022


The 2022 p1440 Young Guns Award Winners are an elite group of YOUNG ladies that displayed a unique understanding and beach volleyball skills set that defy their numerical age group this year on the p1440 Futures Tour.

All of the Young Guns have different skill sets: some are taller, some are shorter, some are high-flying bombers and some are jedi precision shot makers, some are silent assassins and some are outspoken court leaders.  Overall, these young ladies have one thing in common and that's the drive to be the best.  They are investing their time and energy in pursuit of greatness in the beach arena. Many of these girls have never played their actual age group because they want to play against the best out there of any age period!  That attitude and grit of all these young ladies plus great performances this year have earned them the right to be called p1440 Young Guns.

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