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Big changes start with small steps.

A series of workshops for people who care about building habits, setting goals, and practicing the right mindset for better performance and long-term success.

Fuelled by a love for the pursuit of and devotion to the journey — all 1440 minutes of the day.

p1440 was co-founded by three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings and husband, pro beach player and seven-time AVP Open Champion, Casey Jennings in order to create more and better opportunities in the game that continues to give them so much priceless life experience and personal fulfillment.


We are 100% dedicated to growing and elevating the game of beach volleyball, on ALL levels. Our aim is to engage, equip and encourage our athletes to apply their learning in sport, to life, and to become leaders in the community through service and a commitment to living their best life. We aspire not only to support our athletes’ personal development and the pursuit of their dreams, but also to give them direct opportunities to compete and grow alongside a dedicated community of high performers and big dreamers. We want to teach these athletes to lead themselves first so that they can, in turn, lead others and live an empowered life.

Over the past year and a half, p1440 has grown to a significant and engaged network of over 100 clubs and 4000+ athletes and coaches and despite the continued negative impact of the pandemic p1440 hosted nearly 100 events.

Through several community focused initiatives, 2022 is set to be an incredible  breakout year.


Our mission is to empower the greatness within each person as they pursue their highest potential on and off the court. We aim to inspire and empower by helping our community to develop themselves - body, mind and spirit - through our premier live and digital offerings and through our powerful, engaged, and playfully serious community.

What we do

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Join the most active and engaging Beach Volleyball community in the world.

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